Life Review (2021-2024)

On the occasion of my birthday in 2024, I have experienced a lot of things between 2021 and 2024, so I want to make a record and review for myself.

2021 Full of Spirit#

This year, I had a great time and it was the happiest year for me.
On March 22nd, I joined an internet securities company called Longbridge.



I really like this company. The environment is great, there is a switch and Taiko no Tatsujin in the rest area, as well as PS5 and a racing simulator. The colleagues and atmosphere are very friendly, especially in the DevOps team at that time. I learned a lot of technologies and gained a lot of knowledge, which is still useful in my current job.

This year, I also met someone who is very important in my life, even until now.
I can't even describe how much I like someone with simple words. I might have thought that I had no fate for love, but someone I really like actually appeared.


We visited Faxi Temple together and played an escape room game. Although we were in a long-distance relationship, we started dating shortly after our first meeting. I am very happy. Although it is not my first time being in a relationship, it is the first time I have felt such a strong liking for someone; maybe not only the first time, but also the most important and deep one.

2022 Hitting Rock Bottom#

At the beginning of 2022, a new life came into my solitary life, a Maine Coon cat. She named herself - Ula.



Maine Coons have their unique characteristics. Since she was transported by air, even though she was only three months old, she already exceeded the weight and shipping limit of an average cat, reaching 3.3Kg.
Looking at the previous photos, she was really small. I went to Hainan with my colleagues for team building, rented a car for self-driving, and experienced diving and the seaside air.

After returning, due to the severe pandemic situation and the fact that the place where I lived was a well-developed logistics transportation area, I was locked at home for a long time.

Maybe it was because of work pressure, relationship issues, or the oppression of the confined environment, my emotions quickly declined. Even after the lockdown was lifted, I still didn't want to go to the office. My sleep quality was also extremely poor, and I would only fall asleep in the early morning when I was extremely tired.
I broke up in the middle of the year, and at that time, I had some psychological barriers. After seeing a psychologist, the result of the examination was moderate to severe depression.
The company downsized, although it didn't involve our team, the atmosphere gradually became tense. Maybe it was due to various reasons, I felt that I couldn't handle the job at that time, so I took the initiative to resign.

During the National Day holiday, a friend invited me to Guangzhou to relax, which relieved a lot of mental pressure.

Then I became anxious about not having a job, but as the end of the year approached, it was not easy to find a job, so I gave up. I didn't take it seriously and just felt that I seemed to need a job. After several setbacks, I gave up.

2023 Setting Sail Again#

At the beginning of 2023, I, who had never tested positive for COVID-19 before, tested positive for the first time. I stayed at home for nearly a week from New Year's Day without eating anything (later I found out that I lost 5kg).

It was this illness that made me realize that I should live for myself. Other people's opinions and evaluations are not that important, and should not be that important.

Coincidentally, in early March, I found that RSS3 was looking for a DevOps position. Maybe because of my previous failures, maybe because my mentality had improved, or maybe it was just a turn of events, but none of that mattered.

I joined a new company, met new colleagues, and published a travelogue on xLog.

During my year and a half at Longbridge, I learned a lot about advanced DevOps concepts and directions, which allowed me to apply some of the content to solve current problems in my work. My former leader, Frank, once told me that he hoped we could all learn something from him. Although we are no longer colleagues, I have learned a lot from various aspects, which has benefited me a lot.

Because I felt that I should live for myself, I unexpectedly got a motorcycle license and became a rider. Now I can feel the wind and freedom, which is something I never dared to imagine before.


In the late 2023, my DevOps colleague Jeff left, which meant that all the work would fall on me. Surprise, unexpectedness, and regret? Yes, but there was no anxiety or anger.

I had to solve all the problems by myself. No matter what, I had to find a way. The only regret was that in my previous job, we would discuss the pros and cons of various solutions together. It is difficult to have a core principle when working alone, and it is difficult to come up with a complete result by discussing with myself. There are no other colleagues to communicate with in the way of DevOps, so there is some regret.

2024 Moving Forward#

This year, a new DevOps colleague, Justor, joined, which is great news for me, especially since he and I live in the same city. Before the Chinese New Year, we had another offline gathering.

There are new friends and old friends. We may not be familiar with each other during the last meeting, but this time we have become familiar companions.

The story of the future has not happened yet, but it is definitely worth looking forward to.

Summary and Thanks#

Actually, I am still alone now, but I don't feel lonely anymore. I can celebrate my birthday alone and eat at Hai Di Lao, ride a bike alone to watch a movie, and do many things alone. As long as I follow my heart, I won't feel uneasy.

Thanks to every friend I have met and will meet.

  • Thanks to my exes who I liked before
  • Thanks to Ula, the cat who has been my roommate
  • Thanks to my colleagues who took good care of me in the previous company
  • Thanks to the friends who were willing to accompany me when I was in a low mood
  • Thanks to diygod for introducing me to RSS3 and developing xlog
  • Thanks to Jeff, who worked with me for a long time
  • Thanks to my fellow classmate pseudoyu
  • Thanks to all the colleagues at RSS3
  • Thanks to all the people I will meet in the future
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